Change management for engineering teams

Know where to look to see what changed, what else was impacted, and whom to contact

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Other tools tell you when there is a problem 🔥. We help you find the cause.

How It Works

Existing Deployment Script


1 line change to notify fluxroll


Change tracking for all your teams

Add change-tracking so your team is always in the know

Track recent changes, ownership information, dependencies, run-books, debugging instructions in one centralized place.

Remove the stress of being on-call and be confident that your team will have all the information it needs when diagnosing problems.

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fluxroll artifacts
curl -X POST -u {key}: https//{project}
-F environment='production'
-F artifact='fluxroll-rails'
-F version=1.25
-F message='Fixed XXX'

Designed for quick integration

With an easy to use API, you can instrument your jobs in no time and start tracking changes across your organization.

The hub for all your tools

We play nice with others!

From Github to Slack, our platform offers seamless integrations with the tools you use everyday.

Add deep-links to your external tools and make fluxroll the default location to lookup any information on things in your data-center.

fluxroll integrations
Wilson Hung, CTO - DrumG Technologies

fluxroll lets me visualize our complex infrastructure

Wilson Hung, CTO - DrumG Technologies
Sandeep Harjani, CEO - Infojini

Seeing all our changes in one place is a game changer!

Sandeep Harjani, CEO - Infojini

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