List all your artifacts

Keep a central repository of all the artifacts (databases, services, applications) your team owns
Store run-books and design-documents associated with the artifacts
Empower your dev, qa and ops teams to make changes and share updates with ease.

Larger organizations often have unaccounted for services and applications running in the data center. This invariably causes friction and confusion in the future. You can avoid this with fluxroll.

Record Ownership

Associate dev, QA, product and business contacts with each tracked artifact
Cultivate backups for key individuals so you always have a contingency plan in place
Never have abandoned artifacts, when teams get shuffled or individuals change roles

Save time by tracking artifact ownership. Need to find the person responsible for a service? Look it up in seconds on fluxroll.

Identify and visualize dependencies

List dependencies
Understand the implications of adding a new dependency
Visualize your dependency graph
Prevent high availability services from accidentally depending on lower availability services

Most mature software systems are complex enough that one person or team cannot possibly know all dependencies. Companies must rely on the collective knowledge of many individuals to identify and understand dependencies. Pool collective knowledge, maintain dependency graphs and prevent potential disasters with fluxroll.

Get an instant overview of your projects

Group artifacts under projects
Visualize all related artifacts and their dependencies
Easily share knowledge and keep the information up to date.

Easily understand the ultimate footprint of your projects with fluxroll. Keep this information constantly updated and allow for easy information sharing.

Monitor changes

Instrument your continuous deployment/delivery systems to notify us of deployments and other changes
We use your dependency graph to maintain a feed of related changes for each artifact
Maintainers can quickly identify changes that potentially broke their systems
This allows for quicker root cause analysis and lower MTRR

An overwhelmingly large number of outages are caused by software deployments or configuration changes in the data-center. fluxroll constructs a timeline of all your related changes that facilitates faster RCA (root cause analysis) and lowers MTRR (mean time to resolution).

And much more...